Gallery III 

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Three antique Armenian Pendants/ Over 600 Diamonds, Rubies, Sapphires, & Emeralds on Silk

Price: $1585 - 20% - $1275

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150-year-old Sterling Angel blowing the Tump on the last day of time on Sterling hand made chain

Price: $3300 - 20% / $​2750

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Hundreds of antique watch parts and rubies framed in rubies on an antique Austrian medallion

Price: $3500 - 20%  / $2900

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Gallery III 

NOTE: During the COVID-19 crisis, each Jewel has been discounted 20% from the regular price. The discounted price is indicated in Blue 

Auriolus Art

Antique Yerevan Armenian  Cross on Sterling and Spinel

Price: $1250 - 20%  / $1000

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