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Douglas is the most highly credentialed and honorable man I have met in my 72 years. He is the personification of many words found in the Beatitudes, and there is nothing short of miraculous in his many successes and see that Auriolus Jewelry is another one. 
I remember a morning near Yalova, Turkey regarding one of the many philanthropic projects Douglas has directed… earthquake relief in Turkey.  He spoke to our group of about 30 people as we finished our breakfast that early morning; we had worked from dawn to dusk the previous day. I remember going back out to the construction site where we built two schools in 14 days, rejuvenated, inspired, and motivated to go on to complete the work during the rainy season. The clouds cleared and the sun shined down on us as the surrounding crowd cheered. This is but one of many beautiful memories, and now the man is creating them with his hands in the form of this amazing jewelry. May his wondrous work be blessed with resounding success throughout the world during all the years remaining in his journey! - Tony Ruiz –Prescott, Arizona 

Dear Dr. Douglas, I am very impressed by the uniqueness of your designs and works. I have never seen such fabulous jewelry anywhere in the world! I cannot wait to come back home and buy some of them. I also want to tell you that we as Kurdish are so lucky to have such a great and talented man like you as a friend. Gulzar Mohammed – Toronto, Canada

My dear Douglas, Your jewels are so special. You are a great artist and a wonderful person... one of the most special persons I have ever met in my life.  I think that the most difficult thing is not to create jewels. Of course, the technique part is complicated and requires a lot of talent and creativeness but this is not enough. You have to feel the stones, as you say… bring them to a new life by understanding what they are saying, not with the rational mind but with the heart. Listen to them and hear the voice of time, the breath of the eternity, and this is a thing that is a gift. If you haven’t it, you will become a good artist but not a creator. It’s like the Viking stone you made for me... You touch it and you feel the strength and the courage, you see the stormy seas you hear the shouting and the exaltation of the sailors, you smell the salty water, the wind in your hair... if you have the gift. If not, it’s just a stone. Your jewels are incredible - art and beauty at the highest degree. You are a great creator! -  Mara- Asti Italy 

The moment I met Douglas and saw his jewelry I knew it was a very special moment in time. His pieces were world-encompassing, classy, stylish, and magical. I always feel inspired when wearing his jewels. I have 10 pieces in my collection and they bring me so much joy. Jewelry has always been a passion of mine. Each piece he creates is a work of art and I consider my Auriolus Jewelry to be a wonderful "soul investment". They make me happy!

Tara Sinclair - Delray Beach, Florida

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I have three pieces and counting from the beautifully handcrafted Auriolus collection. Each came with a story by the very talented Mr. Douglas who has a lot of history behind him and can tell some fascinating stories and meaning of each piece. I love that each piece has its own unique style and I can dress them up or down. I will continue to build my collection as I know each is more than just jewelry – it is art. Thank you, Douglas! -  Amy Guez – Santa Monica California 

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Dr. Layton, it was a pleasure making your acquaintance during your visit to the DeBilzan art gallery here in Delray Beach. I hope that the charm of our sleepy village by the sea has sparked your interest in setting up a gallery of your marvelous work, here. If there is anything we can help you with, please do not hesitate to contact us directly. Stop by to visit us anytime! Jonathan Delgado Delray Beach, Florida

Douglas, English poet John Keats once wrote, "A thing of beauty is a joy forever." Never have I seen such mastery and variety in the world of jewelry. Each piece is unique and exquisitely fashioned. Douglas, congratulations on the presentation of your absolutely timeless art.  Frank Walker Spokane, Washington

Your jewelry is amazing sir! Truly beautiful and unique! Thanks for choosing me to photograph your beautiful work. And thanks again for my bracelet - I love it!  - Andrea Alley- LIME FLOWER STUDIO / Phoenix, AZ

Art and poetry
I love your creativity. It relaxes my soul).

Helen Karchere - Bridgport, CT