Auriolus Art


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Each piece comes with a small leather-backed card or bound booklet explaining the piece and the story behind it.  Each also comes in an elegant box for storage and display and a complimentary "Sunshine" polishing cloth.

* The artist normally only uses Sterling Silver or Gold Filled or Vermeil Chain and elements and will note otherwise if this is not the case. Sterling is the highest quality silver used in jewelry." Gold-filled" is 20 Xs the thickness of "gold plate" and will normally last for a century or more whereas gold plate will wear off in a year or two depending on usage. Vermeil is Sterling silver covered in gold - 20 Xs thicker than "gold plate".

Limited Lifetime Warranty  If the piece is damaged or ever needs repair, the artist will endeavor to restore it provided all the parts are returned and as long as he is alive to do so.        Shipping costs only for repairs. For details CONTACT us.​​

* If your piece comes with a locket, the artist will insert the photo (s) of your choice provided this is done prior to shipping. Photos must be of high definition as they will be shrunk to size. There is no fee for this service. 

See  Standard Jewelry Lengths  and policy on alterations

* Click here for a Certificate of Authenticity